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Garage door residential, commercial servicesPlainview Garage Doors Plainview Garage Doors is the best Garage Doors Company in Plainview, NY. People tend to not pay attention to their garage door until something goes wrong; but when it does go wrong, it often goes wrong in a big way.  At Plainview Garage Doors, it is our top priority to prevent problems from occurring in the first place; and if a problem does occur, Plainview Garage Doors can quickly come to your rescue to fix it quickly and fix it right.  Why take chances when something as critical as a garage door is at issue?  In addition to fixing existing garage doors, Plainview Garage Doors also sell new doors.  Plainview Garage Doors is not a manufacturer - we're better.
By not being restricted to the product line of an individual manufacturer, Plainview Garage Doors is able to choose from a variety of manufacturers and select the best door - or doors - to fit your specific needs.  Plainview Garage Doors is a local company that employs only the most highly qualified and experienced technicians.  Plainview Garage Doors also realizes that in this economy price is an important consideration, which is why we offer great deals on all of our products and services. The satisfaction of our customers is Plainview Garage Doors' top concern.

At Plainview Garage Doors, we want you to be aware of the major components of a garage door, and of some of the areas you should be most concerned about to keep you and your family safe and your home secure.

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Garage door broken spring repair, replacement services Plainview Garage Doors knows that, with the exception of the door itself, the springs are the most important component of any garage door. Most garage doors, whether manually or automatically operated, have two types of springs, extension springs and torsion springs.  While both are necessary to lift and close the door, the torsion springs are the most vital, often called upon to lift up to 500 pounds. Plainview Garage Doors  is aware of the fact that damaged or broken torsion springs can be a real safety hazard, so it's important that they be regularly inspected, and when necessary, repaired or replaced. 
This is not a job you want to take on yourself or leave to the neighborhood handyman. Plainview Garage Doors has the experienced technicians to do the job, and do it properly. Extension springs can also become damaged or worn over time and it's important that they too be maintained to keep you garage door in top working order.  Again, Plainview Garage Doors is there to take care of all you maintenance needs.


garage door opener repair, replacement services

It used to be that automatic garage door openers were noisy chain driven contraptions that were slow to open with remote controls that were prone to interference. Not so anymore.  Automatic garage door openers are much quieter these days and come with a variety of attractive features such as keyless locks, wireless control systems, and courtesy lights that turn on and off as you enter and exit your garage.  Equally important are the array of safety features found in today's garage doors. 

Most doors feature an auto reverse to prevent objects, pets or small children from becoming trapped beneath a closing garage door.  If the door comes in contact with anything in its path, it instantly stops or reverses direction. Plainview Garage Doors technicians will be glad to discuss these safety features with you.

Plainview Garage Doors can also repair and maintain your current opener to keep it in optimum shape.  After all, you would not want to come out one morning to find out that your opener has suddenly stopped working, so contact Plainview Garage Doors.

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Garage door repair, installation services

Plainview Garage Doors can repair your garage door or opener no matter what make or model. Plainview Garage Doors highly skilled technicians can always diagnose and repair your problem, and if need be, they are willing to go the extra mile to explain your problem in detail and how we intend to fix it before starting the work. Plainview Garage Doors can even provide repairs for custom and odd size doors.

Whether you need a new door or simply maintenance on an older one, Plainview Garage Doors wants to be your garage door specialist. Plainview Garage Doors provides free estimates, and would welcome the opportunity to make a new customer out of you.  Give Plainview Garage Doors a call today.

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